Launched in late-2012, littlerock is a boutique publishing and licensing house born from the music + brand work that is at the heart of Viva La Rock!  Our publishing clients are serviced to film, television, gaming, advertising agency contacts for synch placements and administered through our partnership with the leading independent music publishers and services company, Kobalt Music.  Kobalt offers unparalleled transparency with their online global copyright administration, creative and synch/licensing services, digital collections and more.  

In addition to the Kobalt relationship, artists and songwriters signed to littlerock Publishing also benefit from our partnership/marketing services and long-standing industry connections cultivated by Viva La Rock.

Apart from Kobalt, littlerock also acts as a licensing agency for our independent and unsigned clients to help license their music to TV shows, films, trailers, video games and commercials.  We work on a project-by-project/percentage basis and act as a liaison between our licensing clients and music supervisors/creative directors to streamline the licensing process. 

In addition, littlerock also acts as a music supervision company for our various brand clients such as The Enthusiast Network, WeTransfer, Forever 21, Billabong, Mammoth Mountain + more!  As music supervisors, we simplify the licensing process by providing clients with current artists and song choices that fit with the project vision as well as execute all necessary licenses, paperwork and payments directly with record labels, publishers and artists. 



littlerock Reel

Sephora + Elizabeth & James Video

Sonos + Day Wave

Billabong x Honey Bones "Shutter"

Marc Jacobs Beauty + Carousel

New Belgium + Rose Quartz

Jansport: Austin Bonfire Session + Day wave

Mammoth Mountain x Lovelife "Nova"

Forever 21 x Carousel "Let's Go Home"

Urban Outfitters x Day Wave "Drag"

Littlerock Reel